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I think these shoes are kind of dope

This is the blog for sneakerheads who want to make affordable and informative purchases.


I’m not a sneakerhead, I’ve never proclaimed to be one and I will never proclaim to be one. I’m not the guy who runs out to the store to get the Raptor 4s, or the Concords when they were re-released. I don’t own any Yeezys and I don’t own any retro Jordans. I’m just a guy who used to wear slip on vans, Adidas soccer shoes, and slides to high school. I was the guy in middle school and high school who only had whatever his parents bought or whatever he stole. I didn’t save my money from allowance, chores and summer jobs to buy new shoes. At twelve years old I was given the choice of shoes or a birthday party. I picked getting the Jordan 12s over a party, because that was how badly I wanted them, that’s it, I didn’t want to collect them, didn’t want to even wear them to hoop in. I simply liked the way they looked and wanted them. What I am, is a gentleman who loves the game of basketball, likes the idea of fashion, and always does his best to be fashionable and trendy, and can’t help but think that my decision as a twelve year old to pick shoes over a party is a representation of me as a grown man who knows what he wants, and knowing why he wants it. I’m a kid who grew up in Chicago during the heyday of the 90s era. When the Bulls played, everything stopped. When Mike had the ball, no one spoke. When his shoes were released, people ran out and bought them. Looking back on it now, I was incredibly privileged to grow up watching the G.O.A.T and being able to watch the Bulls win championships. That privilege and honor has stayed with me to this day.

Basketball has become so much more than just a sport. The athletes, as LeBron James would say, have become much more than an athlete, that is they have become more than what they can do on a field or court, and as a consequence, their shoes have become a representation of not only their sport, but of a culture. Basketball shoes have been ingrained in Black culture, as well as a representation of ones wealth and access, and because of this, the sneakerhead culture has grown. A n entire culture of people who are passionate about keeping up to date with releases, going on websites, hanging out in lines, finding individual sellers. Sneakerheads and their shoes have become a representation of someone’s wealth, access, and privilege. However, for every sneakerhead, there’s a guy like me. A guy who enjoys the game of basketball, who enjoys seeing what shoes players wear, and keeping up to date with shoe releases, but I would never proclaim myself a sneakerhead. I’m still the little boy who saw the Jordan 12s and said I like that pair and I want them. This blog is a representation of that feeling, geared towards individuals who like the sport, who like the shoes, but aren’t looking to label themselves as anything other than a fan.

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