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About the Author

Eric Lee

Hey, I’m Eric. Thanks for coming to my page and I hope you find the articles I’ve written to be interesting. This blog started with my passion for sneakers, and it evolved to look into sneaker culture as a whole, discussing the background of sneakers and the brands that make them. I could go on and on about this topic, so I thought putting it into words and sharing it with others is important. I want to note that I don’t intend to attack anyone, I’m passionate and I speak out about things I notice. I believe it’s important to do so because it’s through this that we can make an impact. I’m a huge sneakerhead, I love that sneakers play a big part in my culture and I want to see my culture valued and respected. This blog aims to educate people on the impact black culture has had on sneaker culture by addressing the lack of respect black culture is given despite it’s influence on the industry. I believe it’s important to hold companies who utilize black culture accountable for treating black people with equality, both within and outside of their organizations.

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